Switching solar panels

In a case with two standard panels, say ~400Wp each, there are situations where you may want to switch form parallel to serial. A possible case for this is when you want a mode to add 230V to the grid or want a mode to charge LiFePO4 cells. For that a heavy switch is required, … Read more

Inverters and their cons

There are two inverters, one for permanent use for computers and so on and one high power inverter for cooking for example. The small one is not new and served us for several years in the old van. I’ve shot some video’s: Solving serious issues(!) This concerns the small permanent inverter Some pictures of the … Read more

Anssems AMT 2000 ECO Review

Update: Onderstaande review staat op zichzelf maar de Anssems-organisatie geeft geen thuis als het gaat om het nemen van verantwoordelijkheid aangaande de onvoldoende constructie van spanbanden. Een organisatie is zo sterk als de zwakste spanband. Na anderhalf jaar nog steeds geen antwoord, laat staan een oplossing. Je zult maar een auto onderweg verliezen omdat de … Read more

Labora: Wat is dit project?

Het ontwikkelen en bouwen van een mobiele werkomgeving, dat is de essentie van Labora. Voor het gemak zou je het project kunnen omschrijven als het bouwen van een zakencamper – busje. De nadruk ligt dus expliciet op het kunnen werken op verschillende plaatsen en expliciet niet op reizen en entertainment. Hoewel veel dingen lijken op … Read more

Labora: Credits en links, “Hall of Fame”

Mijn “mentoren” Non profit organisaties Vloggers Ingrediënten (leveranciers) Dat zijn er extreem veel maar de leveranciers die eruit springen vanwege prijs, service enzovoorts, en of omdat het makkelijk is hier een overzicht te maken, noem ik hier. Lijmen en kitten Exterieur Interieur Constructie Isolatie Elektronica More…

Preserving electrical contacts

If corrosion occurs between contacts, this can cause a fire hazard. In a world with an aerosol for every problem, I would like to go back to basics. Case: Bus bars on LiFePO4 batteries That is a good example. The battery has an aluminium head with a threaded hole and the copper connecting strip is … Read more

Flexible braided copper connectors

It is relative easy to make a flexible cable, connector, based on braided copper. The pro’s: It is very flexible, able to transport high currents, create “shortest distance” connections (voltage drop!), reliable and relative easy to make and, finally, it is easy to combine with busbars. Understanding the process is controlling the process. Techniques This … Read more

Cable logistics

Self adhesive cable tie mounts These mounts are valuable and cheap (how can?). This short clip is convincing. Apply them at 10 cm, 4″, intervals. Shown with a foot print of 18 * 18 mm. Available at Asian sites.

Climate: Insulation and ventilation without serious mistakes

The climate in an enclosed space is a complex subject. There are many facets to climate, such as humidity, temperature, ventilation, condensation, rot and mould, damage to structures, emotions about comfort such as “stuffy” and “nice temperature” and “it’s chilly in here” and finally the CO2 and O2 content is important. How not to do … Read more

Electrical resistance of the car body

The resistance of the bodywork of a car… The question is to what extent the resistance of the bodywork is negligible. What is this resistance anyway? If you search for it, you will not find any information. A search for some answers and a surprising conclusion! If you install a high power inverter you probably … Read more

LiFePO4 Battery Know How

There is a lot of information on the net and I cannot and do not want to be exhaustive. However, this page is intended as a basic explanation of the project – the battery part. Part 1: What you need to know. Part 2: The building of the batteries. And always remember: “With great power … Read more

Labora: Start here

The Labora project is extensive. This page is a table of contents to maintain structure – I also use it when writing. Use the table below to navigate and then click on the links. What is Project Labora? Some principals… Credits Installation Cable logistics Electricity Conductors Electrical resistance of the car body Flexible braided copper … Read more

Labora: What is this project?

Developing and building a mobile working environment, that’s the essence of Labora. For convenience, you could describe the project as building a business motorhome – van. So, the emphasis is on being able to work in different places and not on travelling and entertainment. Although many things are similar to a camper van, it is … Read more

Hoe je een camper-bus wel goed isoleert

Sommige filmpjes over het isoleren van campers laten zien hoe je het vooral niet moet doen. Er wordt heel wat structureel fout gedaan. Het punt is dat veel mensen in hun enthousiasme aan de gang gaan zonder echt goed te begrijpen wat de gevolgen van hun acties zijn. Vocht wordt opgesloten, PUR-spuitbussen worden leeg gespoten, … Read more