Diesel water heater

Abstract approach

You can list what you can do with such a heater. But you can also choose a different approach. Both the engine and the diesel heater produce hot water and the question is what you will do with that water, regardless of the source of heat.

You can do many things with it, like defrosting a water tank. Before you know it, the project becomes too complex, so limitation is the order of the day:

  • Preheating the engine: source is diesel heater
  • Heating of the interior with a radiator fan combi: source is diesel heater or engine
  • Heating of water with a heat exchanger: source is diesel heater

If then elses…

  • The diesel heater is always off when the engine is on, i.e. when the ignition switch is on, i.e. DIN 72552, contact 15 has voltage. A relay should interrupt power.

Temporary text

At the moment, the car has not yet been delivered (huge delay) and I still have to make preparations. The logistics are now parallel instead of serial. Questions ariseā€¦

What is the best place to install a diesel heater? Front left on top of the chassis beam means difficult access. Under the loading floor means exposure to wind and weather (and salt). This could be solved by an extra housing.

What is the best scheme for all functions of the heater?

Is it possible to omit the engine pre-heating? I do not live in Siberia and the trips are almost always longer. This might make the installation much easier.

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