Repair: DeLonghi Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino ESAM 4500

It broke, so let’s repair a DeLonghi Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino ESAM 4500! It already served 22.000 cups of coffee so it has a good excuse to fail.

DeLonghi Magnifica Pronto parts

In general, many parts of your machine are similar. So if you don’t have a ESAM 4500, but a model ESAM 3500, changes are that what is written applies to you as well and parts of ESAM 5500 or ESAM 4200, 2600, 2800, 3200 may be used. Just check details of parts very well. DeLonghi does not create every model from scratch – and that is a proven development model.

Diagnosing the machine, Pronto!

First of all, I found this of interest:

However, it did not resolve my problem despite the same error on the display:

Heating up
(after long…)
Generic error

After checking the points in mentioned post it was time to check resistor values. The first heater on the back:

53 Ohm

Good news so far. Then the heating element on top was measured:

∞ Ohm

Bummer, but problem found: 100 Euro’s in The Netherlands. Good news: 27 Pounds in the UK, 40 Euro’s, stamps included. Time for a serious DIY repair.

Diagnostics: How much coffee do you drink?

  • Regular Test Mode: hold “small cup” and “large cup” buttons while plugging in the machine. Now press buttons to see results. Not all buttons have a function.
  • Display Module, Button Test Mode: hold “medium cup” and “large cup” while plugging in the machine. Now press buttons to see results.
  • Coffee Count Screen: hold “menu” and “change” buttons while plugging in the machine. Yes, this is always a surprise!}}}

Now you can press buttons for testing. One thing: There are different models of ESAM 4500 and button behaviour is also different.

Remarks about parts

This heater does have a 5 mm connection, the original is 6 mm.

Two(!) additional connectors are needed: 775332239200

Heater part 5513227941 is bought at

After ordering I found parts based on 6 mm connectors in Germany, with a better price than in the Netherlands.

Searching for “Heizer”, “Thermoblock”, “ESAM” gives plenty of hits.

If I had to do it again, I would probably buy the assembly of 6 mm, despite it is a bit more money.

Illustrated instructions

Put aside and disconnect all wires and hoses that are in the way.
Bolds and nuts. Use your fingers to hold the nuts while loosening the bolts.
These four bolts hold the heater.
Four holes with bushes, they are loose.
Two nuts at the back are a bit hard to position during assembly. A wrench may help.
Heater is attached to plate by these two screws.
5 mm connector set. Use only shown parts plus the old metal clips.
To remove heater, disconnect this hose too.
Reuse old clips, don’t reuse old beige ring.
Do not use beige ring with 5 mm connectors.
Use some cooling paste for CPU’s.
Assembly of thermal switches.

11 thoughts on “Repair: DeLonghi Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino ESAM 4500”

  1. I have a problem when in test mode my heater will not heat so I purchased a new Thermoblock still no heat and still giving me general alarm any ideas to problem

    • Did you check the thermal switches (last picture)? It is best to use a multimeter. On typical Asian sites you can buy them for a low price but I would first check them. What is the “general alarm”? Just to be sure, check the new Thermoblock too, 53 ohm is okay, 0 ohm means broken.

    • Hi Hassan, searching the net for “775332239200” gives you plenty of hits. But prices do differ a lot.

  2. Hi,
    İ have magnifica esam 04.350. The machine does not make milk foam. There is no milk suction. What could be the reason?

  3. Good day. Where do I check for a water blockage. Water dispenser works but barely any water get to the beans

  4. I have the same problem and will tackle the problem with a flying start thanks to your contribution.

    Thank you!


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