Workspace 1

This page is highly subject to change.

This page is about a workspace (1 of 2) for ICT work in the van. It involves a table, a monitor that is extendable and so on. The off grid network has worked out well and is operational.

The electrical circuit

To control a linear actuator, an ON-OFF-ON switch for up, idle and down, respectively, is sufficient. However, the monitor is rotatable and fits into a cove. Therefore, a microswitch is needed to ensure that the monitor can only move when it is exactly vertical. On Reddit, I posted a question about this (waiting for approval, link unknown…). I process the answer here. My mentor suggested the following solution. S1 reverses polarity towards LA1 (up or down). The connection is interrupted by RL1. In order to function, “or” green “or” purple should contain power. The OR port consists of 2 diodes. Finally, a third diode acts as a fly back diode to catch induction currents from the relay coil.

D1: Diode 1N4007 (Fly Back)
D2,3: Diode 20A10 (OR function)
LA1: Lineair Actuator, 500mm stroke, 12V
MS1: Micro Switch, NO: Monitor in use, C: Mon. vertical transport position
RL1: Relay 12V, standard automotive
S1: DPDT On-Off-On switch

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