Inverters and their cons

There are two inverters, one for permanent use for computers and so on and one high power inverter for cooking for example. The small one is not new and served us for several years in the old van. I’ve shot some video’s:

Solving serious issues(!)

This concerns the small permanent inverter

  • CEE 7/3 or Schuko outlet was bad quality and replaced with permanent cable. Always use rubber cable with stranded wires. Example:
    H05RR-F with 3 * 1.5mm2 .
  • I’ve lost confidence in 12 V in connectors, undersized M6 screws, not using proper torques and applying ordinary steel. Oh boy!
  • 1200W, peak 2400W and then 2*40 A fuses? Result:
  • In this case a circuit breaker of 3 A @ 230 V is max.
  • A dangerous connection had te be replaced by soldered wires.
  • What I do to make a connection:
    • Strip both ends.
    • Fan out the wire brush a little and stick the copper strands into each other.
    • Use a single strand and wrap it around the stripped part, trim the remains.
    • Solder the connection in a quick way.

Some pictures of the result:

Assembled and fixed
Properly connected cables 12 V
And the other side 230 V

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