The Linux BricsCAD pages, part 5: Tuning your software


All related parts: 1: Introduction 2: Linux base install 3: More user software 4: Tuning Linux 5: Tuning your software 6: Getting BricsCAD working 7: Publishing your drawings


Sometimes LibreOffice (LO) tries to be too smart. If you type MHz, you don’t want Mhz but there are plenty examples with multiple capitals you want to keep. Automatic placement of capitals as first character is annoying in Calc. Here we go…

  • Languages
    • Use synaptic to search for “hunspell”, select languages for installation (like hunspell-xx) and apply.
    • LO: Menu > Tools > Options > Language Settings > Languages > Default …
    • Activated after restarting LO
  • In Writer > bottom screen > LMB “language X” > more
  • Menu > Tools > AutoCorrect options:
    • Tab Options: Everything turned off. Maybe you like “URL Recognition”.
    • Tab Localized Options: Everything turned off, quotes too.
    • Be aware it is set per language, more languages means setting it again.
  • Icons can be shite, jaggy. And icon themes are limited, distinctive icons that work in dark themes are simply lacking. Not optimal but a suggestion:
    • Menu > Tools > Options > View > Icon Style: Colibre SVG.


This web browser deserves further tuning. Privacy is an issue these days. See for example this article with links to extensions. Other functions can be added too so it’s time for add-ons, extensions.


Look and feel is important because you spend so much time in your browser. On large HiRes monitors, the default zoom level is often experienced as too small. Alternatively, the default scale (example: about:config > layout.css.devPixelsPerPx > 1.5) can be changed too, but it is probably better to leave that to the system. Changing zoom level may be smart… about:preferences > (General >) Zoom

Installing your old environment is possible too. For example, export and import your “Logins & Passwords” and bookmarks. Missing an import button? Search the net, it will probably get fixed in time. Passwords export.

Then there is the weird ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab behavior – “it is not a bug, it is a feature”. See this article for a not working solution, so we’re stuck with the ctrl+page-up and ctrl+page-down alternative, yes you need long fingers if you can’t use your right ctrl and yes, people have never visited the moon and yes, this is an awesome improvement like walking backwards home or upside down or whatever. Moz://a… THINK!!

First paste about:config and be careful 🙂 Then… When you alt+lmb, you want to “save as”. Enter browser.altClickSave in the Search space. 2lmb on tag browser.altClickSave and see the value change from false to true. Hmm, looks broken. Again: Moz://a… THINK!!

Interface… Understanding… translations! Simple translate does that for you. Can’t live without it. .

Privacy / security

So let’s continue with working wonderful things!

This web browser deserves further tuning. Privacy is an issue these days and, even if you don’t care, security is involved too.

Paste about:addons as address for your local settings, take some time to browse for Firefox Add-ons

Let’s break them down, # means considerable alternative:





Link tracking







Migrating: Before you start Thunderbird for the first time, copy .thunderbird to your new home folder. Seamless!!


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