Wiebe van der Worp

My interests are quite broad and my knowledge level tends to go deep. Associating with it (thinking) offers valuable insights – in terms of work, personal and social. It brings me to unexplored thoughts. You can get bogged down in that, but I am resisting to that, I always try to keep seeing the big picture. Everything I write on this blog has a common thread – there is a reason why you end up on this site. I do my best to be precise, but I can sometimes be wrong. Feel free to let me know, as I said, I like to learn. I hope you find what you are looking for on this site.

Greeting, Wiebe

A bit more…

For humanity, personal development is the ultimate condition for progression. That should be our collective goal. That is why I share ideas, knowledge, techniques and opinions.

Idealism is the driving force and I publish objective and good quality articles in good conscience. You will therefore not come across any advertisements on this site. Of course it costs money and a lot of time to publish quality. That is why I am always open to consultancy and work through NedCAD, where I am one of the partners.

This is the blog of Liesbeth and Wiebe. Liesbeth publishes about her fine metal smithing. Wiebe, well, publishes about really everything. Use the categories to browse specifically or use the search options.

The old blog is dead. Interesting things reappear here. You can of course always dive into the past with the Wayback Machine.

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