The Ukrainians love their children too

A message to the Russian people. русский | Nederlands | English

It is a fact that every people, after being exploited for too long, rises up and overthrows the government. The exploiters are always criminals with a distorted world view, specialists in lies, deceit, fraud and oppression. Their aim is long-term and maximum exploitation with political repression as the ultimate means. The aim of democracy is to prevent such a situation.

Unfortunately, there is no democracy in Russia. The Russians have been oppressed for generations, for centuries, and the end of the Tsar was the beginning of a new oppression. Lenin and Stalin destroyed millions of lives. Glasnost and perestroika were the way to modern Russia, but after Yeltsin it went downhill. Instead of choosing the path of prosperity and freedom for all Russians, Putin’s mafia is plunging the country into military conflict and economic crisis.

Putin is successfully turning back time. With amazingly convincing staging, he lures gullible Russians to his side. The rest have been silenced.

And so a large part of the Russian people is characterised by cynicism and resignation – comparable to a bear that has been caged for centuries without any prospect of a future.

But any sensible Russian knows that the war in Ukraine is only killing everyone, and that international isolation brings even more poverty and suffering on top of all the deaths. So the tensions surrounding Ukraine are not just an international problem, but first and foremost a problem for the entire Russian population.

Unfortunately, the progressive Russian population is completely sandwiched between Putin’s mafia and a group of people who support Putin’s mafia because this group is paid a lot of money to do so, or still believe in myths – disinformation is Putin’s greatest weapon.

The small ray of hope is that there are politicians who put their lives on the line to get rid of Putin’s mafia. My appeal to all Russians is to listen to their story and to take seriously the countless proofs of murder, deceit, crime, lies and disinformation. The Russian people deserve an honest government, not a bunch of self-enriching criminals.

The world has become so small in recent decades and we need each other so much to ensure a future for our children. Everyone is suffering from Putin, he killed 193 of my countrymen by shooting down MH17 with a missile – all innocent civilians. There is no place in this world for Putin and his friends.

Putin provokes international instability, that is his aim. He is not interested in world peace and cooperation. Putin and his power structure consist of dangerous madmen, speculators for whom there is only one solution in this world: exclusion and imprisonment.

It is not only the duty, but also the right of the Russian people to call them to account and to ensure that a good government comes to power. I hope the bear reads this and breaks the bars with his claws. Good morning Russia, wake up!

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