Printing labels: Xprinter XP-235B, XP-360B, XP-365B, XP-370B, Vretti 420B with drivers for Linux

This post covers installing drivers on a Linux platform for the following printers: Xprinter models XP-235B, XP-360B, XP-365B, XP-370B Vretti models 420B … and possibly more models. In that case, please leave a comment. The Xprinter XP-360B, used since many years, has proven to be a valuable addition for the office, it is able to … Read more

Hardware, DIY

Hardware hacking is interesting if we look at it’s definition: “Hacking is making furniture with an axe.” I guess that is close to the core. A bit less sharp edged: look for 100% at function and then forget shape – the nice shell. Here we go… Because at NedCAD we have our own computer line … Read more