Pool pump: Review Espa SilenPlus

Status: Draft, published… You can consider this to be a review of an Espa SilenPlus 2M pool pump (and 1M and 3M), using the Evopool app. The pump has two functions: circulating water in the pool through the jet nozzles and filtering water through the sand filter. Combined with a chlorine unit, the pump has … Read more

The ultimate salt water swimming pool maintenance sheet

The basic table for proper pool maintenance with in-depth explanations. The data table Minimum and maximum values in ppm – except for pH. Important notes Groups, steps The table contains three groups or steps: Topics, ingredients Salt or salinity Salt is the recycling medium for the production of chlorine. For concentration, always consult the chlorine … Read more

Areal densities

This post contains a table with materials for constructing light. You can sort the table! It contains composites like Dibond and Alubond (APA or AlPPAl) and it will probably grow in time. “C” means it is a Composite, so a fixed density is not available.

Universal disinfectant for Coronavirus COVID-19

This article allows you to make disinfectant yourself. Clean hands are one of the keys to not getting infected with COVID-19. What to do if you can’t get disinfectants like water and soap when you are on the way and alcohol based disinfectants are sold out? How do you make hand sanitizers yourself? There are … Read more

Interfacing: Minimal design

In general, minimal design is overvalued – contrary to rich design ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is especially true for desktop environments with a multitude of controls. It does not mean that minimal design is always bad, read on. In this evaluation I use “Napoleon in St. Helena”, better known as “Freecell”. Here is a somewhat scientific but … Read more

A Do It Yourself back-up solution

A client, working in health care, had a special request: each working day she was filling in forms in a database with patient data. After the day was finished she wanted a back-up. In general, a back-up of an in use database is a bad idea. She was using Windows with a custom database application. … Read more