Hardware hacking is interesting if we look at it's definition: "Hacking is making furniture with an axe."

I guess that is the core. A bit more: look for 100% at function and then forget shape - the nice shell.

Because at StringIT we have our own computer line based on this concept the result is a product with a pure industrial design, cut the crap,OOPS, fall from the table and just do your job, period. On the other hand, a customer does not want a piece of wood with a motherboard screwed on it with a lot of loose wires and the message: "Please, here is your workstation as ordered."

Meanwhile we continued with various developments and a range is established under the name Modellismo. Keywords are: functional, just the right size, miniature and compact, industrial and functional, robust, exclusive and beautiful (or ugly as the concept does not appeal to you).

See the appendices for details ...

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