The Flit

My grandmother yelled: “Those damned mosquitoes”. She grabbed the “FLIT”, she sprayed in every corner of the bedroom where I was ready to go to sleep. After “The Flit” I slept like a rose (Dutch-ism). I haven’t seen them for 50 years since the emergence of the modern spray can. As a memorial, you will find a small Cygwin / Linux script for exterminating “Thumbs.db” on your hard disk.

Courtesy Bullenw├Ąchter, Hamburg Museum

Put this in a file somewhere, like desktop or home, make it executable and modify to taste…

find /data \( -name 'Thumbs.db' -or -name 'desktop.ini' -or -name 'Thumbs.db:encryptable' -or -name '.DS_Store' \) -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf
  • find finds (recursive) the files between escaped parenthesis \(...\) and lists the files (print0) in directory /data. Output is piped to xargs that takes care of removal (rm). The zero’s deal with file names with spaces.
  • It is one of many possible approaches, but what I like about this approach is that you can check output first, by running it in a shell without | xargs -0 rm -rf.
  • A DOS batch file named flit.cmd could be something like:
@echo on
cd /installers
del /s /q /f Thumbs.db desktop.ini .DS_Store Thumbs.db:encryptable
echo Finished FLIT.cmd

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