A Do It Yourself back-up solution

A client, working in health care, had a special request: each working day she was filling in forms in a database with patient data. After the day was finished she wanted a back-up. In general, a back-up of an in use database is a bad idea. She was using Windows with a custom database application. […]

WordPress: Snippets

These are short notes for copy+paste. Polylang I use both English and Dutch for posts. Post that are read often will be translated. Otherwise, automatic translation is an option. So I create one page per language, start writing in one page while pasting the code below in the other page, renaming the URL. Do keep […]

48V Wiring

This page is a link from Conversion to eBike. Choosing cables (multi core) and wires (single core) is important. Cable sizes: Never under-size, that is obvious. But also never oversize without reason. I made the mistake to try to standardize and keep expenses low. I bought typical PVC (LiY) cable of 1mm2, with lots of […]