Universal disinfectant for Coronavirus COVID-19

This article allows you to make disinfectant yourself. Clean hands are one of the keys to not getting infected with COVID-19. What to do if you can’t get disinfectants like water and soap when you are on the way and alcohol based disinfectants are sold out? How do you make hand sanitizers yourself? There are […]

Interfacing: Minimal design

In general, minimal design is overvalued – contrary to rich design 😉 This is especially true for desktop environments with a multitude of controls. It does not mean that minimal design is always bad, read on. In this evaluation I use “Napoleon in St. Helena”, better known as “Freecell”. Here is a somewhat scientific but […]

A Do It Yourself back-up solution

A client, working in health care, had a special request: each working day she was filling in forms in a database with patient data. After the day was finished she wanted a back-up. In general, a back-up of an in use database is a bad idea. She was using Windows with a custom database application. […]

WordPress: Snippets

These are short notes for copy+paste. Polylang I use both English and Dutch for posts. Post that are read often will be translated. Otherwise, automatic translation is an option. So I create one page per language, start writing in one page while pasting the code below in the other page, renaming the URL. Do keep […]