CAD: An approach to mathematical curves for engineering

THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. YOUR POSITIVE INPUT IS APPRECIATED. Part 1, do the math Introduction Mechanical engineers sometimes need mathematical curves. For example: A satellite dish is a basic parabola. A gear has the involute of a circle as its base. These kind of curves are usually not directly supported in CAD systems. They […]

CAD: Insert and units

You add an external drawing and suddenly the scale is no longer correct. It is a problem that everyone sometimes encounters. How do you solve that? This article explains the consequences of various unit settings. Do you draw in inches? Or mm? Or unitless? And how are “INSUNITS”, “INSUNITSDEFSOURCE” and “INSUNITSDEFTARGET” set? Do you find […]

Documenting: Libraries from CAD to PDF and HTML Publications

Extracting illustrations from CAD files for documentation is obvious. Organizations can do this smart and inexpensive by using XML. However, little can be found on the net about this. It is time for an example. For understanding the value for your organization, for learning and or for direct use. Part I: What we are going […]