In Memoriam: Michael Hart

Michael Hart, founder of project Gutenberg, will always have a special place in the hearts of my daughter Ghislaine, my wife Liesbeth and me. After hearing about his death I wrote a formal message in Dutch but there is so much more to tell so I’ll dig up some memories here. A brain blurb: In […]

Interfacing: Minimal design

In general, minimal design is overvalued – contrary to rich design 😉 This is especially true for desktop environments with a multitude of controls. It does not mean that minimal design is always bad, read on. In this evaluation I use “Napoleon in St. Helena”, better known as “Freecell”. Here is a somewhat scientific but […]

The New Hackers Dictionary

(Or: The New Hackers Dictionary in PDF) “The Jargon File” or “The New Hackers Dictionary” has become cultural heritage. The file is public domain and therefore simply freely usable. The current jargon site? Regularly suffers from “web-rot”. Where to find it? and are fixed beacons, but less convenient to use than a PDF […]