Documenting: LibreOffice Writer Template Changing

Internally, LibreOffice Writer has been used for technical documentation for many years: Writer is very strong in combination with style sheets and SVG format is perfectly supported. Vector-based images can therefore be inserted very well. When you work with large documents, there are two annoying peculiarities you should be aware of. The first is that […]

E-bike: Deore RapidFire Throttle Dilemma

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) Problem… The Deore RapidFire interferes with the throttle. I could not accept what is shown at 5:00 on In my case it concerns Shimano shifters of type SL-M590, but other models suffer from the same problem. You see the problem? Changing speeds moving your hand to the left. Unacceptable. […]

Cycling: Review ATB, low cost, much fun

Update: They will become eBikes, see Conversion to eBike. We bought these bikes in 2012, the page is a bit outdated, but for reference this page is kept. Dutch: See Beoordeling van een goedkope mountainbike voor veel plezier An ATB or a mountain bike is not for the road, the rolling resistance is higher and […]

E-bike: Programming your e-bike

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) External Documentation The KT3 series is a popular line of smart displays that are used for managing settings. I am under the impression that it originates from Suzhou Kunteng Electronics Co., they have manuals and if you stumbled on this page looking for other models, you might want to visit […]

E-bike: Li-ion Batteries

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) Making it yourself, or not Choosing a voltage means going for 48V or 36V. I chose 48V which seems to be the trend (2017). Why make your own battery pack? The cheap packs have lousy cells, the ones with proper cells are very expensive, even on aliexpress. Buying battery cells […]

CAD: An approach to mathematical curves for engineering, part 1, the math.

This is a series about creating mathematical curves in BricsCAD (and AutoCAD).Part 0, just hackish with a spreadsheet, result driven.Part 1, the math, understanding ways to iterate.Part 2, the coding, techniques available. THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. YOUR POSITIVE INPUT IS APPRECIATED. Introduction Mechanical engineers sometimes need mathematical curves. For example: A satellite dish is […]

E-bike: Things that went right and wrong

Things that went North This page is a link from Conversion to eBike. Using microswitches for both brake handles for brake lights and engine stop turned out to be a very rigid solution. The batterypack construction, with EPDM isolation and aluminium housing is easy to make and rigid. The Sunkko 787A Hack created possibilities to […]

E-bike: Conversion to e-bike

This page is still under construction! I am living in a country with right-hand traffic – car steer left – so… This page is about the conversion of a set of two ATB’s to e-bikes or ATEB’s. The bikes are described here: Review ATB low cost high fun. This project is really fun, but I […]

E-bike: Battery Management System BMS

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) What is a BMS If you have 48.1 V, then that is the sum of 13 cells in series of 3.7 V each. If a cell is charged, you do not want more than 4.2 V per cell, otherwise the cell will be damaged. The charger delivers 13 times 4.2 […]

Welding: Sunkko 787A Hack

This page is a link from Conversion to eBike. The Sunkko spot welder has a bad reputation because of its poor quality. It is also popular because of its price. And last but not least: Expect fuses to fly around your ears, it sucks full 16 Amps (and maybe even a bit more when switching […]