Documenting: LibreOffice Writer Template Changing

Internally, LibreOffice Writer has been used for technical documentation for many years: Writer is very strong in combination with style sheets and SVG format is perfectly supported. Vector-based images can therefore be inserted very well. When you work with large documents, there are two annoying peculiarities you should be aware of. The first is that […]

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E-bike: Deore RapidFire Throttle Dilemma

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) Problem… The Deore RapidFire interferes with the throttle. I could not accept what is shown at 5:00 on In my case it concerns Shimano shifters of type SL-M590, but other models suffer from the same problem. You see the problem? Changing speeds moving your hand to the left. Unacceptable. […]

Cycling: Review ATB, low cost, much fun

Update: They will become eBikes, see Conversion to eBike. We bought these bikes in 2012, the page is a bit outdated, but for reference this page is kept. Dutch: See Beoordeling van een goedkope mountainbike voor veel plezier An ATB or a mountain bike is not for the road, the rolling resistance is higher and […]

E-bike: Programming your e-bike

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) External Documentation The KT3 series is a popular line of smart displays that are used for managing settings. I am under the impression that it originates from Suzhou Kunteng Electronics Co., they have manuals and if you stumbled on this page looking for other models, you might want to visit […]

E-bike: Li-ion Batteries

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) Making it yourself, or not Choosing a voltage means going for 48V or 36V. I chose 48V which seems to be the trend (2017). Why make your own battery pack? The cheap packs have lousy cells, the ones with proper cells are very expensive, even on aliexpress. Buying battery cells […]

CAD: An approach to mathematical curves for engineering, part 1, the math.

This is a series about creating mathematical curves in BricsCAD (and AutoCAD).Part 0, just hackish with a spreadsheet, result driven.Part 1, the math, understanding ways to iterate.Part 2, the coding, techniques available. THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. YOUR POSITIVE INPUT IS APPRECIATED. Introduction Mechanical engineers sometimes need mathematical curves. For example: A satellite dish is […]

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E-bike: Things that went right and wrong

Things that went North This page is a link from Conversion to eBike. Using microswitches for both brake handles for brake lights and engine stop turned out to be a very rigid solution. The batterypack construction, with EPDM isolation and aluminium housing is easy to make and rigid. The Sunkko 787A Hack created possibilities to […]

E-bike: Conversion to e-bike

This page is still under construction! I am living in a country with right-hand traffic – car steer left – so… This page is about the conversion of a set of two ATB’s to e-bikes or ATEB’s. The bikes are described here: Review ATB low cost high fun. This project is really fun, but I […]

E-bike: Battery Management System BMS

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) What is a BMS If you have 48.1 V, then that is the sum of 13 cells in series of 3.7 V each. If a cell is charged, you do not want more than 4.2 V per cell, otherwise the cell will be damaged. The charger delivers 13 times 4.2 […]

Welding: Sunkko 787A Hack

This page is a link from Conversion to eBike. The Sunkko spot welder has a bad reputation because of its poor quality. It is also popular because of its price. And last but not least: Expect fuses to fly around your ears, it sucks full 16 Amps (and maybe even a bit more when switching […]

A Do It Yourself back-up solution

A client, working in health care, had a special request: each working day she was filling in forms in a database with patient data. After the day was finished she wanted a back-up. In general, a back-up of an in use database is a bad idea. She was using Windows with a custom database application. […]

Old letters: ACTA

(ACTA zag het publieke licht ~2008) Dear Member of Parliament Many years of my professional life I spent on product development – from machines for microelectronics to trains. All those years my fellow technicians and I were watching competitors’ products very well. We investigated how things were built in order to imitate it – but […]


Capture a video of your actions on the screen and accompanying audio and you have a screen cast. This method is for Linux, probably OS-X too, is easy without bells and whistles. Software Install, if you don’t have it: Ctrl-Alt-t (voor terminal) 1 2 3 sudo su apt update apt install vokoscreen wmctrl screenkey gnome-subtitlessudo […]

CAD: Insert and units

You add an external drawing and suddenly the scale is no longer correct. It is a problem that everyone sometimes encounters. How do you solve that? This article explains the consequences of various unit settings. Do you draw in inches? Or mm? Or unitless? And how are “INSUNITS”, “INSUNITSDEFSOURCE” and “INSUNITSDEFTARGET” set? Do you find […]

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About dog food

Meat for your pet. Help! My dog ​​is getting so thin. A broadcast of “Radar“, fresh meat is full of thyroid hormones because thyroid waste is added. Every dog ​​owner should actually see this. I was shocked. But it is not the first time that dog owners are startled. A nice starting point to get […]

E-bike: PAS Hack

(Linked from Conversion to eBike) “PAS” means “Pedal Assist Sensor”. It is a rotating ring with magnets when you pedal and a sensor that senses changing magnetic fields. Problem There is not enough space between the sprockets and the frame. Please observe how much the sensor ring is bended between sprockets and frame. Definite a […]

Wiebe van der Worp

My interests are quite broad and my knowledge level tends to go deep. Associating with it (thinking) offers valuable insights – in terms of work, personal and social. It brings me to unexplored thoughts. You can get bogged down in that, but I am resisting to that, I always try to keep seeing the big […]

Why we love imitation

The press and many lobby sensitive politicians try to make us think that imitation is a bad thing. True, there are examples of imitation resulting in damage to our society. However there is a problem with labeling imitation as a whole as bad. This is not hard to understand: imitation triggers innovation, in fact product […]

Nanos Gigantum Humeris Insidentes

Dwarfs Giants Shoulders Carried – Discovering truth by building on previous discoveries – As Newton said: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The Vision Information – communication, knowledge, ideas, books, software, music, etc. – forms the basis of the economy and our prosperity. Illiteracy causes discrimination, crime […]

Tools: Extending a Drill

Extending a drill with a tube is an option I use. HSS drills become weak when heated by a TIG torch. That is the reason you do not want to weld at the border of the tube where the drill slips in. A quick and proper solution is shown here, just slide the drill in […]

Hardware, DIY

Hardware hacking is interesting if we look at it’s definition: “Hacking is making furniture with an axe.” I guess that is close to the core. A bit less sharp edged: look for 100% at function and then forget shape – the nice shell. Here we go… Because at NedCAD we have our own computer line […]

Paying with WebMoney

Introduction Credit cards are handy. However, if you look at the statements properly, you will see that a lot of skimming is done. Check exchange rates and discover it yourself. If 5% leaks to banks and you often pay larger amounts, it is interesting to look for alternatives. WebMoney is such an alternative. It is […]

Market exclusion, Thomas Jefferson’s vision

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and one of the most influential Founding Fathers What is below should be put in the right time frame, Jefferson lived from 1743 to 1826. The quote is from Thomas Jefferson, more on It has been pretended […]

WordPress: Snippets

These are short notes for copy+paste. Polylang I use both English and Dutch for posts. Post that are read often will be translated. Otherwise, automatic translation is an option. So I create one page per language, start writing in one page while pasting the code below in the other page, renaming the URL. Do keep […]


The gallery can be found at Pictures from this set form a collection of ships from an album covering KPM from June 18 1903 until May 1, 1932. Both Wiebe Bakker and Coendert van der Worp were captains working for the ‘Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij’ in Indonesia. The handwriting on the album is most probable […]

E-bike: 48V Wiring

This page is a link from Conversion to eBike. Choosing cables (multi core) and wires (single core) is important. Cable sizes: Never under-size, that is obvious. But also never oversize without reason. I made the mistake to try to standardize and keep expenses low. I bought typical PVC (LiY) cable of 1mm2, with lots of […]