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Nanos Gigantum Humeris Insidentes

Dwarfs Giants Shoulders Carried - Discovering truth by building on previous discoveries - As Newton said: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

About my drive

Information - knowledge, ideas, books, software, music, etc. - forms the basis of the economy and prosperity. Illiteracy causes discrimination and terrorism. Knowledge contributes to the development of mankind. To stimulate this progress must be our highest objective. Freedom of information offers chances for prosperity, to them that are predominated by despair. If we develop the underprivileged and if we open the locks to knowledge - prohibit the locks - then we can work united on the progression of mankind with unprecedented intensity.

You could see it like this: we develop medicines quicker so that we don't die of the disease. Working on progression is not only social but also in everybody's own interest. Awareness of this must be raised in our society.

On the other side are lobbying companies - in the Hague, Brussels and everywhere - trying to apply locks on knowledge, to safeguard their own interests at the cost of society. This practice is called 'rent seeking'. Information is deprived of its usefulness by DRM, patents and exhaustive copyright. This is at the cost of the progress of humanity, this causes damage to all of us. Sometimes the lobbyists are naive self centered, sometimes they spread lies in full consciousness in order to mislead officers and politicians. The practices of these organizations should see daylight and politicians must hear the other side of the story too.

Finally I am a liberal having a deep believe in free working market with based on tough competition based on price and quality, limited by social borders and the law. Both copyright and patents disturb free market working per definition - the government gives you a monopoly - and should be limited to acceptable proportions to serve society at a maximum.

Wiebe van der Worp


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